Your Life Is Art Playshop

Your Life is Art Playshop! On February 11, 2017

In this one-day playshop, you will be guided through a painting and play journey. Lunch is provided and all the materials you need. You get to show up, paint, play, journal and share. You will leave feeling authentic, playful and full of new self-discovery, your fabulous work of art in hand.

But what if I’m not an artist? Ah, but what if you are!

Painting expressionist art is about play, And instinct, And courage to let go…

It’s about trusting the undefined, And believing that whatever you paint is perfect and meant to be.

It’s about listening to what your artwork tells you.

Best of all, painting expressionist art is about exploring, with fabulous colours, quirky brushes and gooey textures! Colouring inside and outside the lines!

Sound fun? Can you feel your inner child dancing? Then join us for a Your Life Is Art Playshop!

A Few Details

Come by yourself, or come with friends, but most important come with your inner child and leave your inner critic at home.

What are we doing..?
*     coming together to open, allow, play, paint and flow activities to guide us

  • receiving inspiration from within and support from Glenda and Jill to help you along

* lunching, indulging (vino-time) and laughing… to nourish you   • journaling and sharing

What does the day include?

* 16 X 20 canvas   * Acrylic paints, including metallic * Variety of paint brushes * Lunch * Fun

What do I bring?

  • FIND a painting that captures you, colour copy it and bring it. * Don’t question why you pick the painting you do. Trust. * You are going to discover how it tells your story. This is a guided process of creating a painting and a metaphor of your life. * Once you are registered, you’ll receive a little more guidance.

Also, bring…

  • Old, comfy clothes you can get paint on. * Your favourite bottle of wine, if you’d like.

* If you have random art supplies or items from nature that call, and could possibly adhere to a painting, bring them. This could be things like glitter, stone, lace, rhinestones, a label from a can, a random word, wallpaper, a shoelace… Curiosity and an open mind. If that inner critic sneaks in the back door, no worries! We have a special spot set up for it to play. Everyone’s welcome!

Cost and Registration:

Early Bird Savings: $200.00 (GST incl.) /per person. *Register on or before February 3rd.

Cost $275.00 (GST incl.)/ per person. *Register on or before February 8th.

Payment can be made by etransfer or PayPal to If you have any questions, please email Jill (email above) or call her at 403-605-9615.

For questions regarding the day, please email Glenda at or call her at 403.863-7788


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