Water Girls


For a long time I’ve wanted to explore the use of water as a medium and particularly the effect it has on the human figure. In Paris in 2009 I was struck by a puddle of water on the pavement. the image in he puddle was of glass buildings overhead against a clear blue sky. I felt like the water was a window through the sidewalk into another world. The boundaries  of the image in this other world were imperfect, they were blurred and they were not static because of the movement of the water.

Water is the essential ingredient of life. It’s dual nature is fascinating. It is calm and ferocious, gentle and strong embodying that collision of the real/unreal.¬†Under the water there is an altered sense of reality. Matter becomes fluid and human figures become abstract shapes, their proportions redefined. Movement is slow as though to be savoured, the outside world is transformed into a distant dreamscape. Sounds become almost tangible. These images attempt to provide a physical presence for these elusive shapes to portray the textural richness of this subject matter.

“People, when they move through water are elegant” – Glenda Savard