Things You May Not Know About Glenda But Were Afraid To Ask:









Glenda is the recipient of the Medal D’etain from the Socite National des Beaux Arts in Paris, France in 2014.

Glenda was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where as a small child she used to make sculptures and paintings from the native black clay and watch them melt in the rain. She used the same mud again to make something new. She’s still making sculptures from mud, but now she fires them in a kiln. You can have one in your garden.

play in the mud 566

She likes to scuba dive and snorkel, snowshoe and ride horses, but can’t ski or skateboard worth a darn.

She’s lived in over 40 countries and 4 continents

She used to milk cows as a young girl and feed the cats while she was at it.

She considers the Bow and North Saskatchewan her personal rivers, but she’s happy to share.

She learned to fly single and twin engines aircraft and flew planes a large as AeroCommander 680FL’s

She was in three plane crashes one of which was in the ocean, scariest thing ever

She loves to garden. Peonies and lilies are her favorite flowers. Cucumbers her favorite veggie.


She adores (good) Mexican food and margaritas on the rocks with extra lime & half salt.

She has been to Machu Picchu several times. Paris is her favorite city.

She has 40 pairs of dress shoes and considers her feet her best feature.

She has no educational credentials as she’s self-taught, but she has a Masters in mud

She is grateful to the cosmos and to her friends and family for the un-boring life she has been lucky enough to have.