I’ve been giving so much thought and consideration to things as they are right now, and I cling tightly to the power and beauty that can be found in the space that each of us hold within our own little corner of the world. Our space. Such fitting words given the current times. Space to step back from it all and just breathe, regroup and refocus our energies in new directions as we adjust to this new normal for the time being and current events.

I have been planning a really fun launch and flash sale for the past three months and I was about to put it off until this idea of holding space kept coming to mind. My space is filled with abundant amounts of creativity, it is sacred to me and I’m so honoured to know it has become a source of joy to many others around the world as well. I feel as though we need some lightness and a hint of normalcy as we navigate these new waters, so I’ve decided to holdfast to my plans and share this collection in the most soulful way possible for my collectors. On June 14, 2020, from 10am – 3pm, I will be holding a flash sale of my entire collection of work at present with pieces starting at just $30.

Art has the ability to spark joy and excitement within the soul, and I hope in some small way this does a little bit of that…