Commissioned Work

I would be pleased to create something with you for your home. Please contact me directly if you are interested in having work created specifically for you and your environment.

My preference is to arrange an interview in order to view and get a feel for the space you wish the artwork to fill. I also like to find out what you are particularly drawn to and what colours you find most engaging.

Given the size of my work, most pieces remain unframed and are on stretched canvas ready to hang.

All artwork is fully guaranteed. As such, I insist upon your complete satisfaction prior to taking final possession of your painting. The considering factors include the size, shape, image, colour and form of your piece.

Contact Information:

If you are interested in have a piece created specifically for you, please contact Glenda for further information.



Evanescence Gallery, High River, Alberta
Glenda Savard Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
Galleria D’Arte Mentana, Florence, Italy
Warde Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
Jadite Gallery, New York, NY
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