Choosing Compositions continued

Paper birch trees photographed by Glenda Savard








Paperbirch trees photographed by Glenda Savard

Here is an image I’ve taken on a walk that depict how cropping photos can create that form. It then becomes a more interesting shape and it creates depth and layering. Now from a painters’ point of view that can translate into endless possibilities by simply adding or subtracting parts of the image.

As you can see by how I play with the image one needn’t paint everything that is in the photo, only what adds to the composition one is after. Here I use an opaque white to cover the portions of the photograph I do not wish to keep and then before long a simplified version appears. This is the key to a good painting. Simplicity. The more one simplifies the colours, shapes and imagery the better the outcome.

I hope you enjoy reading about the little tricks I use when I wish to paint from my photos.

Happy painting.


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