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The Painters Channel is now online…

horses, oil painting


I have finally figured out how to create videos on you tube…with lights, camera and action. It took some doing as it didn’t come with a manual but I finally got it. I have a whole new respect for film editors. And this time the painting turned out too. The painting is about how I used to have my horses as my alarm clock and the impression it made on me. Have a look by clicking below or on the you tube link on the right and tell me what you think.


Sailin’ on by….

I’m not quite finished this painting, it needs a few low lights and a bit of other tweaking, but I was wishing I was in Paris today and so out came this little painting of the Sailboats at the Tuilleres, along with Oliver of course. This little pigeon can be found all over the place enjoying himself as usual. I’m not sure if you noticed in some of my other small paintings of people going about their everyday lives….but I always include a pigeon. It started because they were always in my photos Ā but then it became a little story to amuse myself with. Now I have people ask me about the pigeon and what he’s up to. I hope you enjoy it.

Day off

Took the day to clean my studio. I couldn’t move in it anymore and my mind started to feel as cluttered as the space. It’s always amazing to me how I feel totally organized again as soon as my space is free of clutter. My thoughts flow freely again and I can day dream and make up new things to paint. So I’m going to settle in for a cool glass of something, I don’t know what yet, and put my feet up…. tomorrow I can pull out a new canvas and maybe……paint a long tall woman in a red dress. šŸ™‚ Cheers everyone


I’m back on track folks….well I never really left, I’ve been painting all summer. And I have been enjoying the weather, cycling all over the city – I really enjoy the time to myself, I listen to the city, think of new things to paint and I’m always happy to come home. And today I’m back in my studio with the windows open wide and it feels good.

Trying out blue

I needed to shake things up a bit for myself today. I do that on occasion, if for nothing else than to give my brain something to think about. Somehow it freshens things for me so that I can go back to my regular palette and create again. So I decided to paint in a varying array of blue/green colours with a bit of charcoal and violet blue and orange to accent it. I thought less about the composition than the colours. I’m not so familiar with them so I played around with the shapes and colours, taking off what didn’t work, replacing it with another colour or shape. All in all it was a great day. I learned a lot and I felt liberated to experiment and be free of boundaries. So from that standpoint I think it turned out rather well.

Back On Track…..Painting Again

I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve had my marketing hat on for the past couple of weeks. This is always the most stressful part for me…I’m not a marketer by nature, actually I don’t think many artists are, we prefer our own little world. But I’ve organized some shows for this fall, October and NovemberĀ and I’m quite exited about them. I’ll give you the details a little closer to the dates and now I’m off to paint, I’m so happy.

High Tailin’ It

"horse, running, green, running horse, spring, happyI used to have a cutting horse that knew no bounds. He loved spring so much that the minute heĀ was turned loose onĀ the green pasture he’d kick up his heels and run in circles as fast as he could. I knew exactly how he felt only I didĀ it on stilletos.

Wait right here…

"waiter, man, male, white, red, dishes, apron, restaurantI can just hear the hum of a restaurant kitchen when I look at this painting. Waiting for great food, talking with dear friends and family, enjoying a glass of fine red wine. I think that’s the making of a great moment. You know such good things coming you’ll wait right there.

Just a thought….

I think the more you paint, the more you build confidence with the decisions you make. You learn to stop when you like what you’ve done – and not overwork the piece. That’s why small studies are essential. They’re more liberating, experimental, non-binding.