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Artist Adventure Series, No. 1

Trail head

Trail head

I’ve decided to let you in on what is giving me inspiration and where I go to look for it. Hiking Arches National Park is an addictive sport. The steep overhanging cliffs, the meandering pathways, the vegetation. The intense heat.. Hour after hour , you battle the heat. But when you finally get to the top, with the whole world rolling out beneath you, you remember why you deal daily with the scratches, tight shoes, heavy packs and aching backs. It’s all worth it.

Here I’ve just arrived at Arches National Park. The red rocks and colours are astounding. Everywhere I look I want to capture the views. At that moment it was 43 degrees C. You could fry an egg on the ground. I will be heading out tomorrow morning around 6am to photograph this area for future reference.

All The World’s A Stage

A painting a day, landscape, autumn, trees, red, Glenda Savard, oil

All the World’s a Stage

As you can probably tell I love these colours, and I wanted to back light the trees to make them stand out. And it just seemed fitting that having painted them on the edge of a precipice they could be viewed from anywhere, just like a stage. I’m happy with how they turned out.