Miroir D’eau


For a long time I’ve been exploring the use of water as a medium, as a canvas, as a lens, as a mirror and particularly the effect it has on the way we see the human figure. In Paris, in December of 2014, I was struck by a puddle of water on the pavement. The image in the puddle was of glass buildings overhead against a clear blue sky. I felt like the water was a window through the sidewalk into another world. The boundaries of the image in this other world were imperfect, they were blurred, and they were not static because of the movement of the water. Nevertheless, the water captured the image just as a painting captures an image by artificial means.

It seemed to me that the form of capturing the image might best be explored and played with through photography, to capture the feeling in the same way as water in a puddle might cover a piece of pavement. The magic of painting then allows the image to be captured in a permanent way whereas in the puddle, when the water evaporates, the image is gone.

These images are intended to convey the experience of a way of seeing. The indistinctness of the human figure, the irregularity of the form in which it appears, and the ephemeral atmosphere all echo, for me, the fleeting impression of life in and reflected in water.

I have always been intrigued by the possibilities of photographing people under water. For me, it becomes a natural lens that re-focuses and reinterprets the painterly aesthetic. Water allows me to move the human figure in unconventional ways. It allows me the ability to play with notions of time and place. Seeing through water, rather than through air, makes me re-envision the nature of my relationship to my surroundings. I have become absorbed by the way water heightens and mythologizes human action and experience.

Water is the essential ingredient of life. It’s dual nature is fascinating. It is calm and ferocious, gentle and strong embodying that collision of the real/unreal that I have long cultivated in my work. Under the water, there is an altered sense of reality. Matter becomes fluid and human figures become abstracted shapes, their proportions redefined. Movement is slowed, as though to be savoured, the outside world is transformed into a distant dreamscape. Sounds become almost tangible. Miroir D’eau attempts to provide a physical presence for these elusive shapes and to portray the textural richness of this subject matter.


I am always amazed at how much I draw upon from my childhood when I sit down to create a landscape.

I started painting in my 40’s and had shied away from even taking art classes. You see, I failed elementary art class because I didn’t adhere strictly to the teacher’s instructions (and drew the tree from underneath rather than the side and other such things). I had a fear then, of exposing a vulnerable piece of my soul to the often-cruel tendencies of teenagers. Instead I channeled my need for self expression through my clothes and from quite a young age a lot of what I created was from the intricate beauty I found in the natural world around me.

I spent my childhood exploring the outdoors, sitting in the fields watching the light around me reflect up into the clouds that hurried by, in contemplating the light and shadow that danced around my feet as I quietly explored the forest floor, and in the studying the constant shift and change in energy and flow when the wind whispered across the landscape before me. Every time that I sit down to create a new painting a flood of memories of smells, of sounds, of colours, gently pool at my fingertips. My brush becomes an extension of all those years that I spent reveling in the magic of it all.

I am so grateful that I wasn’t caught up in the need to paint my world onto canvas when I was younger, because I was able to soak up every bit of wonder without ever worrying about what it’s greater purpose would be.

This is where my heart beats….

Glenda Savard

This is where my heart beats outside my body. Where the beautiful chaos of my family bounces off the walls, the window panes, and the limitless ceiling of abundant dreams. This is where we play, we laugh, we cry, we hug, we dance.

This is where paint spills, frames get built and paintings sit drying in the soft morning light. This is where I sit in the predawn hours before my world wakes; where I dim my role as a mother, a friend, a sister, and nurture the every glowing spark within my soul that keeps my fires burning strong, bright and true.

This is where I exhale, where I release, where I explore the deepest depths of my very being and lay it bare for the world to see. This is where my greatest work of art is being created, not on canvas, but in the beautiful truth of a life well lived.

Carrying all of this magic in my grateful heart as I bid farewell to one heck of a year and get ready to greet the next one with nothing but excitement and joy…wishing each of you wonderful souls an amazing new year ahead. xo

Your Life Is Art Playshop

Your Life is Art Playshop! On February 11, 2017

In this one-day playshop, you will be guided through a painting and play journey. Lunch is provided and all the materials you need. You get to show up, paint, play, journal and share. You will leave feeling authentic, playful and full of new self-discovery, your fabulous work of art in hand.

But what if I’m not an artist? Ah, but what if you are!

Painting expressionist art is about play, And instinct, And courage to let go…

It’s about trusting the undefined, And believing that whatever you paint is perfect and meant to be.

It’s about listening to what your artwork tells you.

Best of all, painting expressionist art is about exploring, with fabulous colours, quirky brushes and gooey textures! Colouring inside and outside the lines!

Sound fun? Can you feel your inner child dancing? Then join us for a Your Life Is Art Playshop!

A Few Details

Come by yourself, or come with friends, but most important come with your inner child and leave your inner critic at home.

What are we doing..?
*     coming together to open, allow, play, paint and flow activities to guide us

  • receiving inspiration from within and support from Glenda and Jill to help you along

* lunching, indulging (vino-time) and laughing… to nourish you   • journaling and sharing

What does the day include?

* 16 X 20 canvas   * Acrylic paints, including metallic * Variety of paint brushes * Lunch * Fun

What do I bring?

  • FIND a painting that captures you, colour copy it and bring it. * Don’t question why you pick the painting you do. Trust. * You are going to discover how it tells your story. This is a guided process of creating a painting and a metaphor of your life. * Once you are registered, you’ll receive a little more guidance.

Also, bring…

  • Old, comfy clothes you can get paint on. * Your favourite bottle of wine, if you’d like.

* If you have random art supplies or items from nature that call, and could possibly adhere to a painting, bring them. This could be things like glitter, stone, lace, rhinestones, a label from a can, a random word, wallpaper, a shoelace… Curiosity and an open mind. If that inner critic sneaks in the back door, no worries! We have a special spot set up for it to play. Everyone’s welcome!

Cost and Registration:

Early Bird Savings: $200.00 (GST incl.) /per person. *Register on or before February 3rd.

Cost $275.00 (GST incl.)/ per person. *Register on or before February 8th.

Payment can be made by etransfer or PayPal to info@discoveryourhealing.com. If you have any questions, please email Jill (email above) or call her at 403-605-9615.

For questions regarding the day, please email Glenda at savardg@telus.net or call her at 403.863-7788


Teaching Fearless Women . . . I love that

Painting class March 2016






Had the most fun teaching this group of brilliant fearless women to paint trees. Most of them had never painted before and it was so thrilling for me to see them just jump right in and go for it. They truly inspire me and make me remember how to see things with fresh eyes and the fun and excitement of trying something new. Thank you very much for spending the afternoon with me and for being so BRILLIANT!! Head on over to the Adventures in Art page and have a look at what these wonderful women accomplished in one afternoon.

Night With The Stars

Attending the Gala Night for Theatre Calgary
Attending the Gala Night for Theatre Calgary









I had an absolutely amazing night at Theatre Calgary’s Gala evening Night With The Stars. My painting Pandemonium was auctioned off for an amazing amount and it was my pleasure to support such a wonderful theatre. My daughter and I have a Christmas tradition to see Scrooge there every year and we’d be lost without it. And the best part was that my painting was won by a couple that have pieces of my work already. There is no greater compliment than that, and their generosity is beyond words. Thank you again for inviting me to be part of such a wonderful cause.

It’s that time of year again . . . choosing my word of the year


Every year in December, we all start thinking about  those New Year’s Resolutions. Then there we are in January – and yet again, we’ll show up, hoof it up for awhile, then, by Valentine’s Day, we’re done and back to the usual. We’ve all “been there, done that.” You know the most popular ones “Get Organized”, “Be More Spiritual”, “Lose Weight”, “Quit Smoking”, and “Spend More Time With The Family”.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of To-Do List approach to life doesn’t inspire me. It doesn’t do anything to feed the soul. You come away from it kind of feeling empty because you can’t seem to be able to do enough in order to have what you want. I think that’s looking at it from the wrong end. We should start with being and then the doing will create the having.

Instead I began to be really committed to choosing a new ritual. It actually  started this when I was quite young, but I used to do it on my birthday instead of New Year’s day. I used to dream about where I’d be on my next birthday, what would have happened to me in that year and what exciting things I’d have been part of. As I grew older I realized that I could make those things happen by deciding them and so I would dream of the vacations, people and things I wanted and then would go out and purchase or meet them, if I could. But somehow it still didn’t quite do it. Things still didn’t come my way. Then one day my life coach of many years suggested that I be more proactive about it and intend it. Well (slapping forehead) I’m all about the laws of attraction, why didn’t I think of that sooner and the Word-Of-The-Year began.

This didn’t mean that I didn’t take action it meant that my actions were inspired from the being part of me. In fact, I took more action than ever with this new approach!

That’s because intention is unfathomably powerful. Resolutions are fine, but they often come from our thoughts and are motivated by lots of “shoulds.” A “word” however contains energy and images and meaning, things our hearts and souls get excited about.

This is how transformation begins and how one can start to create the life they want. Rarely does transformation happen because of our mind – or our “shoulds.”

open-armsTo give you an example in 2014 I realized  I needed to make some changes in my business life. Quite frankly I was bored and knew if I didn’t stop doing things the way I had (status quo) my business would be done. I had to reinvent myself and my business. So my go to question for everything is “How else can I do this?” After contemplating this for a bit I realized that I needed to change me first. So my first word was “Pioneer”. At first I thought it was a dumb word, but for some reason it felt perfect. So I looked it up and it resonated with what I wanted to do with my year. I wanted to explore new places, things, ideas, and go where I’d never gone before. I had not idea how this was going to come about, and that wasn’t my worry, I didn’t need to control that, I only had to INTEND it. Well let me tell you, I had the most amazing year, people I didn’t even know found me and I was recommended to the SNBA in Paris, France. I showed my work there for the first time and had a lovely trip meeting new people and even won my first medal. That was the biggest thing but there were many others. My word for 2015 was Thrive, oh could I tell you stories! I met loads more people, and we had a severe economic downturn in my city, but I continued to sell well in all my spring and fall shows. I was thriving beautifully. My new word for 2016 is Rise because I want this to continue. I want to keep climbing higher. Experience more things on ever increasing levels. I want to be uplifted with joy on a regular basis and I want my creative ideas to continue to float up higher and higher. it feels like my truth right now and I’m loving it. Have you chosen your word today? How will you intend your life in 2016?


IMG_0627 IMG_0622






If you’re in need of a very special Christmas gift this year, Glenda Savard has you covered. She is currently taking commission requests for oil portraits just in time for the holidays. This unique experience costs $1,200 for a 20 X 20 inch gallery canvas and includes dazzling gift wrapping. For more information or to get your portrait started, call Glenda at 40.,863.7788 or Glenda@glendasavard.com