This is where my heart beats….

Glenda Savard

This is where my heart beats outside my body. Where the beautiful chaos of my family bounces off the walls, the window panes, and the limitless ceiling of abundant dreams. This is where we play, we laugh, we cry, we hug, we dance.

This is where paint spills, frames get built and paintings sit drying in the soft morning light. This is where I sit in the predawn hours before my world wakes; where I dim my role as a mother, a friend, a sister, and nurture the every glowing spark within my soul that keeps my fires burning strong, bright and true.

This is where I exhale, where I release, where I explore the deepest depths of my very being and lay it bare for the world to see. This is where my greatest work of art is being created, not on canvas, but in the beautiful truth of a life well lived.

Carrying all of this magic in my grateful heart as I bid farewell to one heck of a year and get ready to greet the next one with nothing but excitement and joy…wishing each of you wonderful souls an amazing new year ahead. xo

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